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How can methanol help create a more sustainable world?

As society and industry commit to decarbonization, the world faces a dilemma: while demand for petrochemicals and global transportation of goods is growing, so are the pressures to reduce or eliminate the carbon footprint of these products and activities.

As the world’s largest producer of methanol we have the opportunity to actively participate in the transition to a low carbon economy. Methanol is a cleaner burning fuel that can be used to improve air quality compared to traditional fuels like diesel or coal, and it can also be made from renewable sources.

At Methanex we’re committed to exploring these options and delivering sustainable long-term solutions for our customers and the planet.

Our ESG Performance


Sustainability rating from EcoVadis, ranking among top 5% of all companies


Total dual-fuel vessels in Waterfront Shipping’s 30-ship fleet


Workhours with no Day Away From Work cases at our G3 expansion project


Environmental spills over the last 5 years


In community investments in 2022

Key Commitments and Performance Goals



  • Operate our manufacturing assets to continuously improve efficiency and achieve ongoing greenhouse gas intensity reduction.
  • Invest in opportunities and new technologies to enable lower-carbon methanol solutions.
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Protecting People and the Environment


  • Continuously improve our resource management performance to minimize our impact on the environment.
  • Continuously improve our personal and process safety performance, striving to achieve zero harm.
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Fostering Inclusion and Community Connection


  • Embed a culture of inclusion that leverages diversity across our company and strengthens the connection with our communities.
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Transporting Methanol Safely and Responsibly


  • Maintain the highest industry standards for safe and sustainable methanol transportation.
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Working with Integrity


  • Consistently demonstrate high standards of integrity across our company.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Methanex supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end extreme poverty, reduce inequality, and protect the planet by 2030. While we contribute to many SDGs, we report on the SDGs that we are support most with Methanex activities. As we progress our sustainability efforts, we will work to maintain alignment with the SDGs in support of the global movement towards a more equitable and sustainable world. To read about each UN SDG in depth, please see page 15 of our 2022 Sustainability Report.

Our fair labour practices seek to promote safe, meaningful and inclusive work for all through: i) providing competitive wages/salaries and benefits packages, ii) maintaining a culture with a strong focus on health and safety, iii) developing initiatives to support inclusion and diversity, iv) upholding human rights, providing training and v) education opportunities to employees, and vi) supporting training initiatives for entrepreneurship, young people, women, and persons with disabilities.

As a Responsible Care Company, we are committed to promoting sustainable production and improving the environmental performance of our facilities and processes. We consistently review the value, impact, and safety of methanol, work with value-chain partners to support product stewardship and safety and disclose our environmental and social impacts in alignment with recognized reporting frameworks (SASB and TCFD).

We support the decarbonization of our company and other industries, including the global shipping industry, through investments in i) projects that can reduce GHG emissions intensity from our manufacturing process, and ii) in other technologies to produce lower-carbon methanol. We also advocate for the positive impact of methanol in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We promote the transparent, respectful, and ethical behaviour of all employees and contractors. We set out clear expectations of such behaviour through our Codes of Business Conduct, train all employees on anti-corruption policies and procedures, and make grievance and whistleblowing mechanisms accessible to all. Additionally, we maintain a transparent Board nomination process, Board diversity policy, and executive compensation practices.

Low-Carbon Future