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Commitment to Innovation

Developing Renewable Methanol

Investment in e-methanol

In 2013, Methanex made a pioneering investment in green e-methanol technology developer Carbon

Recycling International (CRI) based in Iceland. The CRI demonstration plant was used to prove their emissions-to-liquids (ETL) technology, recycling CO₂ from a nearby geothermal power plant and using renewable energy to produce renewable methanol. The demonstration plant can produce 4,000 tonnes of methanol per year.

Learn more about CRI.

Certifying bio-methanol

We can use renewable natural gas as a feedstock and heat source instead of conventional natural gas in our current production process. In late 2020, we used renewable natural gas from municipal solid waste

to produce bio-methanol at our two Geismar plants, receiving International Sustainability & Carbon Certification for bio-methanol production in the United States. This enables us to support our customers in meeting current and future regulations, industry standards and their own voluntary carbon reduction targets

Advancing Methanol as a Marine Fuel


Methanex has been involved in a number of other initiatives and pilot projects to support the commercialization of methanol across the marine sector. Methanex is a partner in FASTWATER, a consortium of 14 organizations that are advancing the use of methanol in waterborne transportation. The consortium recently launched a pilot boat demonstration in Sweden and a harbour tug demonstration in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Ferry Conversion

Methanex partnered with Stena, Wartsila and others on the conversion of the Stena Germanica ferry to operate on methanol. The Stena Germanica, one of the world’s largest ferries, has been operating in the Baltic Sea on methanol fuel since 2015, powered by four Wartsila 4-stroke methanol-compatible engines.

Supporting Growth of Methanol Vehicles in China

In 2019, eight ministries in China jointly published a document endorsing the nationwide development and introduction of methanol vehicles. Guidelines to Promote Methanol Vehicles in Some Parts of China promote the development of M100 (100% methanol) vehicles, M100 filling stations, and relevant standards. As the first document of its kind published by the government in China, this endorsement is enabling the growth of M100 vehicles in China.

Methanex has been working with vehicle manufacturer Geely and other partners in China to support the commercialization of M100 (100% methanol) automobiles and heavy-duty trucks in China. We are actively involved in the development of relative standards, pilot projects, and sharing of Responsible Care practices.

Studying Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage (CCUS)

Methanex is completing a feasibility study for carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) at its North American production sites which can materially reduce GHG at our production sites and result in a lower carbon fuel on a well-to-wake basis for marine fuel customers.

Promoting Methanol as a Transportation Fuel in Trinidad

Methanex signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Energy Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago and is completing a feasibility study to assess the potential for methanol as marine and vehicle fuels to reduce emissions in the transportation sector and provide economic benefits to the region.

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