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Safe Handling

As the world’s largest producer and supplier of methanol, it is essential that we use our leadership position to promote methanol safety best practices and set high safety standards for our industry and stakeholders.

Methanol is an essential chemical building block used to produce hundreds of everyday industrial and consumer items. It’s also a cleaner-burning fuel. Like many other chemicals and fuels, methanol can be toxic if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed by the skin. It is also flammable. Appropriate safety precautions must be taken when using, handling or working around methanol to keep people and the environment safe.

We promote the safe use and handling of methanol. Our product stewardship programs cover the entire product value chain, starting with product safety programs for our team members and customers, and expanding into how we interact with others in our supply chain through safe product transportation. Through our product safety practices, we provide information about how to manage the risks of methanol and promote its proper use and safe handling.

Technical & Safety Information

Our technical and safety information addresses important aspects of methanol handling and usage as well as provide physical, chemical and technical information about methanol which are available in multiple languages.

 Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

To ensure workers and handlers of methanol have the information they need to stay safe, we provide Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), which are available in different languages. SDSs provide information on the hazards of methanol and contain advice about safety precautions, including minimum PPE to run facilities, undertake quality analysis and provide emergency response. As a global company, we provide SDSs in two formats: Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for use around the globe, and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restrictions of Chemicals (REACH) for countries in the European Union.

These Safety Data Sheets may not be changed or altered in any way without the expressed knowledge and permission of Methanex Corporation.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Available in various languages

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Methanol Safe Handling Guide

Methanol Institute – Methanol Safe Handling Guide & Technical Data Sheet

5th Edition available in: English

4th Edition available in: Chinese (中文简体), Arabic (العربية), Spanish (Español), Japanese (日本語)

Additional Resources on Methanol Safe Handling

Methanol Facts - Adulterated Alcohol Poisoning: Issue Summary

Methanol Facts – Adulterated Alcohol Poisoning: Issue Summary

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Additional resources on Methanol Safe Handling are available on the Methanol Institute website.

Methanol Poisoning Prevention

The Methanol Institute has translated methanol poisoning medical information in various languages.

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For additional methanol safe handling and product stewardship resources, visit the Methanol Institute website.

Safety Videos

How to Safely Handle Methanol Video (Methanol Institute)

The Methanol Institute, the trade association for the global methanol industry, has posted a video about “How to Safely handle Methanol” here on their website. It provides an overview of critical methanol safe handling across the global distribution chain to protect the health and safety of anyone handling methanol—including workers in methanol plants, distributors, chemical and energy consumers, first responders and the general public.

Please note that the page linked above also provides Mandarin, Portugues, French, German, Italian, Turkish, and Spanish subtitles for the video.

Additional Safety Videos

As part of our commitment to Responsible Care, Methanex has developed and produced the following methanol safety videos to provide information about how to handle methanol safely for specific work groups. Our intent is to improve awareness of safe and environmentally sound practices while handling methanol. The videos range from approximately 15 to 20 minutes in duration.

To watch your selected video, click Play under your specific work group and preferred language; videos will open in a new window.

Language Translation Methanol Safety – For Plant & Terminal Operators Methanol Safety – For Vessel Crews Methanol Safety – For Biodiesel Producers
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